05 August 2011

DO UNTO OTHERS: A Jordan Poteet Mystery - Jeff Abbott

From the back of the book:

Jordan Poteet has left the big city to work as a librarian in his hometown of Mirabeau, Texas. But his dream of the quiet life is shattered when he locks horns with Miss Beta Harcher, the town's prize religious fanatic, in a battle over censorship.

When Jordan finds her murdered body in the library, he becomes the prime suspect. And when the police find a cryptic list stashed next to her fanatical heart, it seems as if Beta Harcher has the whole town in a death grip . . .


What I learned from this fine amateur sleuth mystery:

1. Be careful what you pick up on your walks

2. Beware of sweet smiles.

3. Being a librarian can be more exciting than one might think.

4. Those little Texas towns can be full of mystery and murder.

This is Jeff Abbott's first book published and first in this series. I've been on the hunt for it since reading and highly diggin' THE ONLY GOOD YANKEE a few years back (apparently before I started blogging, so no review link).

I like Jordan Poteet's style. I feel for him. His mother has Alzheimer's, his sister is a single mom to a sullen teen and Jordy has moved back to help as well as he can. He's been accused of murder and he sets out to prove he didn't do it.

I will continue to search out this series and this author. He has several stand-alones and another fab series, Whit Mosley.

Five mysterious Texas beans.....


Thoughts of Joy said...

I've only read one book and one short story by Abbott. I enjoyed them both. I really should seek out more from him. Glad you found this first in a series a great read.

Vickie said...

Joy: I really like his writing. He's as diverse as they come. Thrillers, amateur sleuth, suspense.

Aurian said...

Sounds promising Vickie.

Aurian said...

I believe I have some of his ebooks, if I can have your email address, I can send them to you.