28 August 2011

Blooms on Sunday - 28 Aug 2011

The season is winding down. It's been smokin' hot, in the mid to upper 90s the last several weeks and not much that we'd call rain and the plants are showing it. Still some going strong, though....The sunflower getting some bee lovin'... And getting heavy with seeds to make the critters jump for joy...

The ten cent rescue geranium is happily blooming

Lady K hookin' up the front patio containers with some much needed moisture

And now we have a rogue canteloupe to go with the rogue pumpkin in the veggie garden


Imzadi Dragonfly said...

Such lovely garden treasures. I could really go for a rogue watermelon. Give me a call if one of those shows up. ;)

Vickie said...

Jenna: *grin* Will do!

Mary said...

I love sunflowers. My geraniums are looking kind of sad at this point. I'm thinking your garden assistant is your secret of success :)

Aurian said...

Is a canteloupe something different than a melon? I've bought a new "water give thing" (can't think of the English name for "gieter") this spring, and have never had to use it this summer. It is the most wet one in ages. I don't believe we had more than 5 dry days. My holiday is starting september first, and the weather report is getting more optimistic. But well, they really cannot predict the weather at all lately. I don't mind, I will be reading tons of books, be it rain or shine.

Vickie said...

Mary: *grin* She's a good assistant. The geranium was on the rescue rack at Lowes a week or so ago. The nursery lady had just groomed them and lowered the price in hopes someone would give it a good home.

Aurian: Canteloupe is a melon. I grew up with being called muskmelon or mushmelon when I said it.
It's rarely very damp here in Colorado. We tend to get what we need, but always wish for just a bit more.
Enjoy your vacay!
I get a week or so of vacation in a few weeks. DH is going hunting and it was easier for me to take vacation than wrangle with work and shifts. I will be doing some reading too.