29 August 2011

THE MISSING INK: A Tattoo Shop Mystery - Karen E. Olson

From the back of the book: Brett Kavanaugh is a tattoo artist and owner of the Painted Lady, catering to high-profile clients in Las Vegas. But in her free time she does a little investigating too, because murder really gets under her skin.....

When a girl makes an appointment to get devotion ink with the name of her fiance embedded in a heart, Brett takes the job, but the girl never shows. The next thing Brett knows, the police are looking for her mysterious client...and the name this woman wanted on the tattoo isn't her fiance's.

An alliance with an unlikely partner leads Brett to a dead body, a suave Englishman, and Elvis karaoke bar. And who is the tattooed stranger stalking her? Brett draws lines between the clues, unwittingly putting herself in danger. But she intends to see justice done, since death, like a tattoo, is permanent.


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! I have another favorite series! One I that's on the next order email to Cynthia and read in order all the books in the series (and possibly back-to-back) ASAP.

The premise is very cool, a tattoo artist in Las Vegas and the way she gets drawn into the mystery solving is believable. That last part is always huge player for me, almost as much as getting into the story and feeling connected to the characters.

And the characters make up a whole bunch of the book's charm.

I soooo wish I could get my next tattoo at Painted Lady on my next visit to Vegas. No flash tattoos, all original art. Perfection.

Please read this series, if you haven't started already. As soon as I get the next in series, they are on the nightstand, in the purse, quickly read.

Five sparkly original art diamonds.....


Aurian said...

Lol. this series has been on my wishlist for a while now, but that list is huge!

Vickie said...

Aurian: As is mine. Mt Git'r'Read and the Wanton Wantin' Wish List, both HUGE!