06 August 2010

THE SUMMONING: Darkest Power Book One - Kelley Armstrong, narr Cassandra Morris

From the back of the BOCD: Chloe Saunders isn't so different from most other 15-year-old girls. She wants to hang out with friends, flirt with boys, and fit in at school. Unlike her peers, however, Chloe has a hidden paranormal ability---and on the same day she belatedly enters womanhood, she sees a ghost.
Soon Chloe is seeing dead people lurking about everywhere. The terror and bewilderment of their haunting presence--and everyone's refusal to believe her--cause Chloe to have a mental breakdown. So she's committed to Lyle House, a home for troubled teens. But that may not be what the place is really for at all, because Chloe isn't the only resident possessing a strange "gift". Take Derek, for instance--the toothsome patient who sometimes howls at night.
Kelley Armstrong, the author of many New York Times best-selling suprnatural thrillers, bursts onto the YA scene with THE SUMMONING--a novel sure to resonate with fans of the Twilight series. Cassandra Morris grips listeners with an entrancing narration.
I liked this way better than TWILIGHT (yes, I read it to see what the fuss was all wasn't all that). Kelley Armstrong writes a grittier, less angst-filled paranormal story of well-drawn characters going through the trials of being a teen, let alone being a teen with supernatural abilities.
Chloe discovers she can talk to ghosts, she's a necromancer. She is slowly discovering the abilities of the fellow housemates at the center and that the staff members aren't exactly as willing to help as they claim to be.
The draw is there for anyone who likes a little horror, a little teen issues, a lot of good paranormal. This is a great beginning to the series. I listened to the second one first...that didn't diminish my enjoyment of this one. I am caught up and got re-introduced to everyone, good guys and evil scientists.
Now on to #3, THE RECKONING...
Five I see dead people beans....


Kris said...

Sounds good..I like a good paranormal YA book.

Vickie said...

Kris: This is a really really good series. I wasn't sure by starting at book 2, but book 1 caught me up and book 3 is superb!