16 August 2010

RAGE FACTOR: Dixie Flanagan #2 - Chris Rogers, narr Peggity Price

From the back of the BOCD: Chris Rogers' novels starring former lawyer and no-nonsense bounty hunter Dixie Flanagan get high marks from fans. In RAGE FACTOR, Dixie has her hands full with a serial rapist and a pack of women dedicated to stopping violence against women---by any means necessary.
Dixie is shocked when a jury finds the well-connected and brazen charmer Lawrence Riley Coombs not guilty on multiple counts of assault and rape. His freedom is short-lived, however, when a group of women kidnap him seeking brutal revenge. Dixie begins investigating and discovers some disturbing connections. She fears her friend and prosecutor Brenda Benson is somehow involved, and that these vigilantes will go too far if they aren't stopped.
This companion to the best-sellers CHILL FACTOR and BITCH FACTOR finds Rogers in top form. Peggity Price's stellar performance captures all the verve and sass of this Southern heroine.
This one was brutal! It kept me breathless throughout the story that had multiple things going on through different voices telling the story.
Dixie is still the main character and she has her bounty hunting to do as well as bodyguard duty and the investigation into the vigilante group, Avenging Angels, to see to because she is worried it's actually people she knows and cares about who are taking the law into their hands.
The bodyguard detail is to look after the daughter of an actress out from California to film a sci-fi flick and her teenage daughter is none too happy to have a babysitter. She causes Dixie problems from the get-go and all Dixie wants to do is get her through the day without issue.
Add to the mix the Avenging Angels and the criminals they are after, these are the most intense scenes in the book. Not for the faint of heart.
Five brutal beans.....

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