22 August 2010

Reading In Public Read-a-Thon 22 Aug 2010 w/LibraryThing

Today was the Reading in Public Read-a-thon with Readathing Group
Lady K and I chose one of our local Starbucks (Star$$) on 144th and I-25 to have a little sip'n'read...I chose to read for my hour time-slot the book I received in the last LibraryThing Early Reviewers win, BURY YOUR DEAD - Louise Penny, will be released in September

Lady K didn't want me taking a picture of her coloring, but she let me take a pic of her sipping her signature drink, tall mocha frappuccino with lots of caramel drizzle on top
Give this fun group a try and go out and be proud to be a reader of books...go out and read in public today...heck, read in public every day!!


Thoughts of Joy said...

Fun!!! I'm reading the same book, and I got it from the same place :) However, I'm missing one of those drinks Lady K has. Must get one!

Vickie said...

Joy: It makes the reading go so much nicer. *grin* I am a venti, nonfat, no water chai with one pump sugarfree hazelnut syrup.
I look forward to your review of BURY YOUR DEAD, this is my first Louise Penny book.

Sherri said...

Looks like you and Lady K had some wonderful reading time! Love the drinks too! Glad you two had fun!

Vickie said...

Sherri: We had a good time. Kat is a good buddy for sip'n'reads and movie going.

Mickie said...

You two are such cutie patoooties!

Wish I'd been there!