12 August 2010

Gap Tooth Smile For Lady K

Lady K lost an upper tooth....I love this gap tooth grin!


Jen D. said...

Definitely one of the cutest gap tooth smiles ever.

Sherri said...

She has a lovely gap tooth smile-just lovely! Hope the tooth fairy was good to her!

Vickie said...

Jen D: Thanks, we think so too. = )

Sherri: Thank you. The tooth fairy was fab with two DVDs of Penguins of Madagascar.

Imzadi Dragonfly said...

The photo just brought back memories of me with the same look and at a Saturday Market with my dad. I wanted a caramel apple so badly. Turns out they’re not all that easy to eat while missing a top front tooth. May Lady K not have to learn that lesson.

Hmmm. Apple pie with caramel drizzled over the top sounds delicious right now.

Mickie said...

Miss K is just precious!

Now she can start singing the 'All I want for Christmas is my pretty new tooth, pretty new tooth'!!!