05 August 2010

CHILL FACTOR - Chris Rogers, narr Peggity Price

From the back of the BOCD: Author of the popular Dixie Flanagan series, Chris Rogers delivers a tale full of surprises and hard-hitting characters in CHILL FACTOR. A bounty hunter in the rough 'n' tumble state of Texas, Dixie is renowned as a woman not to be crossed.
When an error in her account brings Dixie to the bak to fix the mistake, shes shocked to see her longtime friend and neighbor Edna Pine----a sweet and caring grandmother---holding up the bank at gunpoint. Edna escapes but is later gunned down by police after a violent chase, during which the stolen money mysteriously disappears. Local reporters are eager to lump Edna in with a string of other recent "granny bandits," but Dixie is more concerned with what compelled her to rob the bank in the first place.
A vibrant narration from Peggity Price perfectly captures Dixie's crackling attitude.
Yowzah! This one was a humdingah of a story, very gritty and grim. The police were ready to call it with the 'granny bandits', but Dixie needed to know the root cause after witnessing the robbery committed by her neighbor, someone she thought she knew.
There are flashbacks throughout the book as Dixie reminisces about her relationship with Edna and Edna's son, Marty. Marty is shell-shocked to say the least and asks Dixie to look into the case to clear his mother's name.
There's a lot of duplicity going on and I was thrown for a loop several times as I listened to this suspense mystery. My jaw dropped towards the end...completely did not see the ending when it hit.
I can highly recommend this story and this series either as a handheld book and definitely as an audiobook. Peggity Price is perfect for this story.
Five edge of my seat beans.....


Imzadi Dragonfly said...

A jaw dropping ending. Good thing I plan to read this one of these days. I really do enjoy it when an author can do that to you. Sometimes I don't appreciate it right away but eventually I do.

Vickie said...

Jenna: You will enjoy this series, I am sure.