16 August 2010

Books in the House - 16 Aug 2010

From Mary Ann:
THE BLACK CAT: Richard Jury #22 - Martha Grimes, HB, mystery, keeper shelf
LibraryThing win:
BURY YOUR DEAD: Three Pines Mystery - Louise Penny, ARC, mystery
From Simon & Schuster, likely a blog win, but can't for the life of me remember where, but YAY!:
BRING ON THE NIGHT: WVMP Book 3 - Jeri Smith-Ready, MPB, UF
Dad and Seester:
DOG ON IT: Chet and Bernie Mystery Book 1 - Spencer Quinn, TPB, mystery
IN THE WOODS - Tana French, TPB, suspense
THE SILENT ASSASSIN - Lori Andrews, MPB, suspense
ANGELS AND DEMONS - Dan Brown, MPB, thriller
LADY KILLER - Lisa Scottoline, MPB, suspense
KEPT FOR THE MASTER'S USE - Frances R Havergal, inscribed as a gift to my great-great-great aunt Dora in 1906, Christian devotions


Sherri said...

My mystery bookclub loved Into the Woods by Tana French-hope you like it too! She has a second book out too!

Vickie said...

Sherri: I tried reading it a while back, but I think I wasn't in the mood at the time. I will try again as my dad and my sister both highly recommend it.