21 June 2010

I GAVE YOU MY HEART, BUT YOU SOLD IT ONLINE: Domestic Equalizers #3 - Dixie Cash, narr Peggity Price

From the back of the BOCD: Dixie Cash novels score critical accolades while slaying readers with witty mysteries starring the Domestic Equalizers, aka Debbie Sue Overstreet and her best friend Edwina. In their third outing, the gals from Salt Lick, Texas, wrangl with a mystery involving a handsome bull-riding champeen.
It's apparent to 12-year-old Jill that her I'm-just-fine-without-a-man mom Allison has grown jaded and needs to get back on the dating scene. So she goes on the Internet and lands a catch Allison would be crazy to throw back: strapping rodeo star Quint Matthews. It seems like the perfect match, but Quint comes to town with a heap o' trouble in tow. Now Quint must turn to the spunky Domestic Equalizers to find out who's tailing him before somebody ends up dead as armadillo roadkill.
Peggity Price captures all the West Texas flavor with a narration that adds spice and sizzle to this side-splitting tale.
Oh, how I love this series. I did have to suffer through DH's chatter about some 'anomalies' in the logic, but I know to go with the flow...anomalies schanomalies....Debbie Sue and Ed crac me the hell up!
The mystery kind of meanders and really doesn't make a show until later in the book and that's okay, too. It's also secondary to the sort of romance between Allison and Quint, then later really heats up between Allison and Tag, the best friend of Quint. Allison meets Quint via her daughter's good intentions of the online dating service. She thinks Quint is easy on the eyes, but a little full of himself. Quint takes her to a restaurant that his best friend owns and Allison meets Tag...owner of the restaurant. And they keep meeting up and falling more for each other, but unwilling to do more about it because of Quint.
Quint is in his own world of trouble and hires Debbie Sue and Edwina to help him out. Debbie Sue still thinks of Quint as a good friend and everyone else thinks Quint is an egotistical ex-boyfriend of Debbie Sue, in particular Debbie Sue's husband.
Favorite scene in the book is the 'toy' party...O..M..G!!! It has to be read or listened to, I really cannot do it justice here....but...O..M..G funny!
Please do yourself a favor, if you like a funny mystery, please get this book, this series!
Five funny funny Texas diamonds.....


Mary said...

Putting this on my list (with toy party in parentheses) hehe.

Vickie said...

Mary: I look forward to hearing what you think...especially of the toy party (in parenthesis)