28 June 2010

Books in the House - MON - 28 JUN 2010

Some lovely books arrived in the mail last week:

From WonderBunny's contest at her site Cookies, Books & Bikes:
SEX,MURDER, & A DOUBLE LATTE: Sophie Katz series #1 - Kyra Davis, TPB, mystery

From Becky's contest @ NoMoreGrumpyBookseller:
THE SECRET SPEECH - Tom Rob Smith, TPB, suspense

From Mary Ann:
SPLIT IMAGE: Jesse Stone #9 - Robert B Parker, HC, suspense

From Summer Solstice Exchange:
MOON SWORN: Riley Jensen Guardian #9 - Keri Arthur, MPB, paranormal
and some nifty bookmarks


WonderBunny said...

Glad to see it arrived! I hope you enjoy it!

Vickie said...

Ruthann: Thank you for the opportunity!