04 June 2010

HIGH CRIMES ON THE MAGICAL PLANE: A Samantha Brennan and Annabelle Haggerty Mystery - Kris Neri

From the back of the book: Imagine the surprise of scam psychic Samantha Brennan--when she encounters the real thing--that's right: an honest-to-heavens Celtic goddess, hidden beneath the steely exterior of FBI Special Agent Annebelle Haggerty. Yet Annabelle's magical powers might not be enough when America's sweet and sexy movie star, Molly Clare, is made the centerpiece of a gangland siege that brings the City of Angels to its knees. And if Annabelle and her family of deities are no match for the Demon of Darkness that she believes is masterminding LA's own Armageddon--what chance does a poor little fake like Samantha have?
There is more on the back of the book and it's all praise. It's a veritable paranormal Who's Who on that back cover singing praises over this book: Charlaine Harris, Casey Daniels, Shirley Damsgaard, Diana Gabaldon.
I cannot remember where I saw the review or synopsis of this one, but, once again, I am so glad that I did! This turned into a 'danger book' for me..the type that keeps me up reading past my bedtime. I loved Samantha and Annabelle, then the chemistry between the two main characters made me laugh and cheer them on. The story is a good one of quirky-means-well working with straightlaced good to fight the evil that is trying to take over the world, starting with Los Angeles.
All that appears normal isn't so, as Annabelle the goddess shows Samantha the fake psychic. Samantha knows the ways of the world, how to pull a good scam and where to find nifty vintage prom dresses. Annabelle knows where the gnomes and flower faeries reside and who to call when in need of a magical recharge.
The twists and turns were fab, especially the "Whoa! Did not see that coming" moment in the end.
Please let there be more to this series!! I'll look for Kris Neri's other books, that's for sure.
Five goddess sparkly diamonds....


Kris Neri said...

Thanks for a super review, Vixen! I'm so glad you liked HIGH CRIMES ON THE MAGICAL PLANE.


Vickie said...

Kris: Thank you so much for dropping by my blog! I absolutely adored your book and cannot wait to read more of your creations.