02 June 2010

VAMPIRATES: BLOOD CAPTAIN - Justin Somper, narr Daniel Philpott

From the back of the BOCD: Long-separated twins Connor and Grace struggle to earn their keep and avoid lashings aboard their respective pirate ships---Connor on the Diablo and Grace among the cursed crew of the Vampirate ship vessel.
Just when things are starting to get better for Connor, Captain Wrathe brings aboard his obnoxious nephew, Moonshine. The boorish lad proceeds to make Connor's life miserable, pushing him further down the plank of sanity each day. Grace, meanwhile, is overcome with guilt for causing the Vampirate Lorcan to go blind. She journeys with him to Sanctuary to seek the healing powers of the Mosh Zu Kamal--who, it turns out, is far more interested in Grace than Lorcan.
With the best of swashbuckling adventure and ghoulish horror on the high seas, Justin Somper's internationally acclaimed Vampirates series--begun with DEMONS OF THE OCEAN and TIDES OF TERROR--continues full-sail in BLOOD CAPTAIN. A salty reading by narrator Daniel Philpott sets a spine-tingling tone.
Ahhhh....adventure on the high Vampirate seas...this is a superbly fun series. Plenty of action in both Vampirate and regular pirate varietal. What's great about this series is that piracy is an accepted form of occupation. There is a Pirate Academy for the non-Vampirate and Sanctuary for the vampires who wish to become Vampirates. Sanctuary helps the vampires become less addicted to the bloodlust and more of a mellower vampire.
The story trades back and forth between Grace's and then Connor's point of view. Each has their own trials and rewards, abilities and faults.
One constant that each has had to suffer is Sidorio, the Vampirate who is now Captain of his own small, but growing crew. Sidorio was a member of the Vampirate ship and left to form his own when he decided that he wanted to be a vampire of the old school and is evil incarnate. He woos vampires to his cause and becomes a force to be reckoned with.
A truly amazing series that I highly recommend. It's a YA series, but all who enjoy a good paranormal tale will dig each book.
Five bloody high seas adventure beans......

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