26 June 2010

CRIME SPELLS - anthology edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Loren L. Coleman

From the back of the book: Phaedra Weldon, Mike Resnick, Michael A Stackpole, Jay Lake, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Steven Mohan Jr, Dean Wesley Smith, Ilsa J Bick, Joe Edwards, Devon Monk, Jason Schmetzer, Randall Bills, Robert T Jeschonek, Peter Orullian, Leslie Claire Walker, Steve Perry
In an ideal world, crime doesn't pay. But there are all kinds of crimes and all kinds of criminals, and though many are brought to justice, many others are never caught. But what about magical crimes? What sorts of crimes might a magic-worker commit, and what price would such a villain pay if caught?
Now sixteen top tale tellers have taken up the challenge of investigating magical crimes, those who commit them, investigate, or prosecute sorcerous offenders. So here's your chance to sleuth out the truth about 'crime spells' in fascinating stories that range from the tale of the public defender out to save an accused arsonist from 'facing the heat' a drug deal gone bad when someone 'iced' five mob a minor superhero trying to save an ex-girlfriend from silicon a woman running a mail order business to 'answer' questions about everything from true love to hidden treasures to a young lady who can 'track' missing people and objects.
I don't always have a lot of luck with anthologies and I tend to shy away from them for the most part. A friend was raving about how much she enjoyed this book and offered to send it to me when she finished. Jen in Alaska knows how I am about paranormal mysteries and knew I'd like the majority of the stories.
And she was right! I didn't find one weak story in the batch and I discovered some new-to-me authors who have been added to the watch list as well as being reminded of authors I've heard of but not read before now.
I don't know if I had a favorite in the batch, but some did stand out like Devon Monk's Sweet Smell of Cherries and Phaedra Weldon's Web Ginn House.
Five not all anthologies are this good beans....

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