13 June 2010

Blooms on Sunday - 13 June 2010

We've had some banner rain the last couple days, so basically everything in the flowerbeds are happy happy happy.....brought a few plants from the visit to Kansas last week. We make sure to visit Suburban Lawn & Garden each time. I love love love this nursery! Acres and acres of plants for each gardener's dirt diggin' pleasure...
This is a new agastache, Golden Jubilee..I love my agastache collection
Above is the chocolate section of the shade garden...a new ligularia dentata, Brit-Marie Crawford, part of the treasures I brought back from Kansas..there's a cimicifuga that seems to be happy as well as the Husker Red penstemon in the forefront..

Peeking through to make herself known is penstemon barbatus, Elfin Pink, in the front berm

Residing next to the little red wagon full of sedums is lychnis chalcedonica, Maltese Cross...I need to get more of this's one happy camper no matter what and I think it would like some company


Danna said...

Hi Vickie,

I just got back from my vacation, and wanted to see what you have been up to...

I LOVE your website's new look!!! I know that it's not summer yet... but I feel like I just got a little bit of summer fun for my eyes!

LOVE the new look!

Vickie said...

Danna: Thank you! I love this look too. It's a good prompt for me to get out in the garden and play in the dirt.
Hope you had a fun vacation!

Melody said...

Penstemons and agastaches don't do well for me, but I think they are so pretty.