05 April 2010

TIDE OF TERROR: VAMPIRATES #2 - Justin Somper, narr Daniel Philpott

From the back of the BOCD: Internationally best-selling author of fiction for young adults Justin Somper returns with the exciting sequel to VAMPIRATES:DEMONS OF THE OCEAN. In their second adventure, our bold seafaring heroes continue their swashbuckling
journey across treacherous oceans where the notorious vampirates prowl.
Much to his delight, 14-year-old Connor Tempest is now a full-fledged pirate aboard the sailing ship Diablo. But Connor's twin sister Grace isn't so thrilled about the pirate life, or Connor's new companions. And she's certain that something is terribly wrong on the vampirate ship. Though the evil Sidorio was banned from the ship for his villainous acts, he is surely plotting his menacing return. What can Grace do to remove her brother from the ship and get him into Pirate Academy where he belongs?
This exciting ride through dangerous waters will captivate all listeners. Narrator Daniel Philpott provides a stunning performance.
Who knew that in the future there would be an academy to train pirates? That's what we have in this second in the Vampirates series. Grace gets rescued from the vampirate ship at the end of DEMONS OF THE OCEAN and is now on the Diablo with her twin brother Connor. And they take a little visit to Pirate Academy to see if this might be the place for them.
The evil vampirate Sidorio is out there working on his new vampirate crew, so there's plenty of story to go around and tons of intrigue. Who can Grace and Connor trust?
This is such the perfect series to listen to. Whoever chose Daniel Philpott to narrate this wonderfully written tale oer the bounding main....chose wisely. He rivals Jim Dale (narrator of the Harry Potter series) in vocal dexterity.
Five arrrrrrrrrrgh beans!!!!


WonderBunny said...

I started the first one. So far it is pretty good. :)

Vickie said...

RuthAnn: I look forward to your review. I'm listening to #4 now and waiting for #3 to arrive from RecordedBooks.