14 April 2010

BONES TO PICK: Book 6 Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery - Carolyn Haines, narr Kate Forbes

From the back of the BOCD: Mississippi native Carolyn Haines writes spicy mysteries teeming with all the eccentricities of Southern society. BONES TO PICK continues the adventures of sassy PI Sarah Booth Delaney.

Quentin McGee, author of a sensational expose, has been murdered, and her lover Allison has been charged with the crime. Sarah is hired to find the real culprit, but the investigation won't be easy. Quentin has so many enemies, including her own family and all those rich, powerful people mentioned in her book. As scandal brews, the suspect list continues to grow, and Sarah fears that the killer isn't finished yet.

Haines' Southern Belle mystery, together with a spirited narration frm Kate Forbes, draws listeners right into the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Haines' CROSSED BONES is also available from RecordedBooks.


Hawt Dayum! This is such a good series. And I've only read two of them! Now there's a whole lot that's happened between book one, THEM BONES (my review), and book 6, so I will be going back to catch up. I meant to read the series in order, but this one popped up on my wishlist on RecordedBooks and I couldn't wait to spend time with Sarah Booth and her buddy Tinkie and the rest of the crowd.
I adore Sarah Booth. She calls it as she sees it, recognizes a bitch when she sees one and is ready to help a friend whether the friend realizes she needs help or not.
Sarah Booth and Tinkie are hired to find the killer of a local girl who wrote a scathing tell-all book about her community of wealthy high society folk. Everyone is a suspect and it's up to Sarah Booth and Tinkie to find the real killer. Things start to accelerate and my jaw dropped when the killer was revealed.
I do love Sarah Booth, but my favorite character in this book was Tinkie. She has some emotional turmoil of her own to get through and wants to get through it on her own, but she still is out there with Sarah Booth investigating. And she is so funny and I kept wanting to reach in the book and hug her. She and Sarah Booth are women I admire, tough and sweet and I always imagine them wearing a strand or two of pearls. And are willing to call a bitch a bitch.
Five Southern sweet tea diamonds.....and a big ol' string of pearls.....


Mary said...

I LOVE your review :) Has me thinking it would be perfect for the 2010 Southern Reading Challenge!

Vickie said...

Mary: Thank you! This is SUCH a great series. It's so funny and well done. I think you would enjoy it.

SuziQoregon said...

What funny timing! I just started the 3rd book in this series yesterday.

I love Jitty!!

Vickie said...

SuziQ: I adore Jitty, too! This is such a fun series. I just added more to my wishlist on RecordedBooks and on the shelves.

WonderBunny said...

Great review! I haven't read any of these books but it looks like on to the wishlist they go.

Vickie said...

RuthAnn: I think you would enjoy them. Funny and smart.

Kris said...

Great review! I seem to think this series is familiar but don't think I've read it yet, I know I will now though.

Vickie said...

Kris: Thank you! It's such a good one either to listen to or to read as a handheld. Superb!