07 April 2010

BLACK HEART: VAMPIRATES #4 - Justin Somper, narr Daniel Philpott

From the back of the BOCD: Twins Connor and Grace Tempest face an uncertain future. Not only have they been unable to find their vanished mother, but now rumors have surfaced about a new ship terrorizing the seas.
When a famous pirate captain is killed, no one can deny that this ship holds a band of deadly vampirates. But the Pirate Federation is ready to fight back, commissioning a ship of its own to hunt down the renegades. With the skilled Connor leading the search, his fellow assassins are eager for battle. Meanwhile, Grace is overjoyed to finally reunite with her mother--until she learns about a devastating secret that will forever change the twins' destinies.
International best-selling author Justin Somper's Vampirates novels are renowned for their swashbuckling adventure and imaginative plotting. The fourth book inthe series, BLACK HEARTS, is performed masterfully by narrator Daniel Philpott.
This could be a difficult review to write as there are sooooo many plot OMG's abounding throughout the book. Suffice to say that it's really intriguing with plenty of eye-popping developments.
I felt a little behind the story curve since I had to skip book 3, BLOOD CAPTAIN, as I am waiting for it to make its way up my wishlist on RecordedBooks. I couldn't wait to listen to BLACK HEART...and I am running low on I did my best. I still enjoyed the story as it's vampirates and a fab story and Daniel Philpott is a narrating phenom.
Plenty of action, adventure on the high seas, vampirates, regular pirates...
Connor and Grace just get back together and are now torn apart again, by choice this time. Each twin has to accomplish their own journey in their way. Each has chosen sides, Grace with the vampirate ship, the Nocturne, she started with and Connor with Captain Cheng Li's new ship, the Tiger.
There's a new vampirate threat and it's not who the rest of the pirating world thinks it is. Lady Lola is the 'new' ship on the block and she is biting first and not really hanging around to ask questions later.
And I think that's about all I can say without giving away plot points. And now I wait for EMPIRE OF NIGHT: VAMPIRATES #5 due out in Aug 2010. OH! I still have BLOOD CAPTAIN to look forward to. Well YaY!!
Five bloody adventure on the high seas beans....

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