08 April 2010

SHARK RIVER: Book 8 Doc Ford series - Randy Wayne White, Ron McLarty

From the back of the BOCD: SHARK RIVER - Randy Wayne White is a journalist, veteran fishing guide, and author of several nonfiction collections. He also creates superb, best-selling suspense fiction. His novels have received the highest praise from Library Journal and Booklist, and from authors like Carl Hiaasen, who says, "Randy Wayne White takes us places that no other Florida mystery writer could hope to find."
Marine biologist Doc Ford is spending two easy weeks on luxurious Guava Key compiling data. But when two young women at the resort are attacked, Doc comes to their rescue. In an instant, he is pulled into an international plan of revenge that becomes more deadly with each passing hour. Now, Doc isn't counting fish--he's adding up his chances for survival.
SHARK RIVER's eye-popping chases, eccentric characters, and taut suspense are all seasoned with a rich, dark humor that heightens the irony of Doc's predicament. From its astonishing first sentence to the final punchline, this book is sure to grab every listener in its powerful grip.
I love the Doc Ford books that feature a whole buncha Tomlinson. I loves me some Tomlinson. He and Doc Ford work well together. And I've been listening to these completely out of order, so I've watched all the relationship growth all out of order and it's been kinda cool.
This one shows Tomlinson having problems with 'Zamboni and the hat trick twins'....and he's been having dreams about his past, things are starting to surface. And he thinks that's why he's having his problems.
A woman comes into both Doc's and Tomlinson's lives who claims to be Doc's sister. She is an amazing woman and a lot like her father, Doc's uncle (or is it his father?) and Doc is wary of her despite how much he comes to admire her.
Then the two women Doc rescues that brings him into a whirlwind of subterfuge.....

Just an all around darn fine suspense.
Loved Ron McLarty's narration. He does the absolute best voice characterization for Tomlinson.

Four Tomlinson duuuuuude beans.....

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