19 April 2010

REVENGE OF THE SPELLMANS - Lisa Lutz, narr Christina Moore

From the back of the BOCD: Lisa Lutz's mystery series starring the hyper dysfunctional Spellman family has earned her a coveted Edgar Award nomination. The family's third adventure, REVENGE OF THE SPELLMANS, has been named an alternate selection by the Literary and Mystery Guilds.
After being forced into therapy, unapologetic screw-up Izzy Spellman is taking a break from the family PI business. But that doesn't stop her from doing some investigating on her own. her brother David--the golden child--is acting bizarre. Her sister Rae--the anti-Izzy---just earned an unusually PSAT score. And for her friend Milo, she's looking into a case involving a man's suspicious wife. Izzy has her hands full juggling all of these mysteries, and as usual, trouble nips her heels as she tries to solve each one.
A Gen X detective for the 21st century, Izzy is being compared to Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum. Narrator Christina Moore lends a riotous voice to Izzy's antics for a hilarious audio experience.
Oh how I love this series. Izzy cracks me up, her whole family is a crazy bunch, especially littlest Spellman, Rae. She requires constant monitoring and leaves her family bemused every second of the day. Watching her in action with her wheeling and dealing is a joy, but I'm glad I am watching at a distance. She'd make me nuts.
Poor Izzy needs a place to live, hers is a dump. She needs a job, she got fired from her bartending job so that she'll go back to her family's PI business. All of her friends are leaving her, moving away. And she is court mandated therapy that she is resisting as only Izzy can.
It's not necessary to read the series in order. Each one is a hoot on its own and I didn't lose anything in the translation by listening to them out of order.
Do yourself a favor and get this series either in handheld or the audio version. This is how I've enjoyed the three out so far and it's been fabulous. Christina Moore is perfect!
Five snort laugh beans......


Becky LeJeune said...

They are pretty fantastic, aren't they? I love the Spellmans!

Kris said...

snort laugh! remind me not to come over for bean burrito's.

I read the first and enjoyed it, not sure why I haven't continued with the series, sounds like I need to though.

Vickie said...

Becky: I luh-huv the Spellmans!!

Kris: *grin* It's coffee beans, silly!
I tend to spread a series out when I can so I don't tire of them, but I really don't tire of this family. They are too funny.

Mickie said...

Vickie.... yet again you've 'siren-songed' me into having to buy as many of the Spellmans that I could find!!!!!

Your reviews are hard on my wallet!

*double grin*