30 April 2010

THE TALE OF HOLLY HOW: The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter - Susan Wittig Albert, narr Virginia Leishman

From the back of the BOCD: Nationally best-selling author Susan Wittig-Albert delivers her second cozy starring iconic author Beatrix Potter. A clever blend of fact and fiction, THE TALE OF HOLLY HOW brings the endearing, sweet-as-pie children's novelist to life as she helps local law enforcement solve a murder in 1906 England.
Doing her best to move forward after the death of her fiance, Beatrix heads for Holly How farm to visit her herd of Herdwick sheep. But the serenity of the countryside is shattered when she discovers the shepherd has apparently fallen off a cliff to his death. When the evidence of foul play surfaces, Beatrix, justice of the peace Miles Woodcock, and solicitor William Heelis---aided by a gang of furry friends--launch their investigation.
This critically acclaimed tale is a delightful follow-up to THE TALE OF HILL TOP FARM. Any mystery lover or Potter fan will be thorougly entertained by Virginia Leishman's captivating narration.
Oh boy, how I love this series. It is such a gentle, charming, wonderfully written mystery series. Just a wee bit of fantasy since the animals talk amongst themselves and the reader is in on the conversations and their own investigation.
There are two mysteries going on in the book, each is resolved nicely. I kind of had an idea on whodunnit on one mystery, but I kept reading as the story is just so wonderfully told. And there was the other mystery going on and I didn't figure it out.
I am looking forward to the next in the series, THE TALE OF HAWTHORNE HOUSE, when it comes up either on Mt Git'r'Read or RecordedBooks. Ideally, I'll listen to as many as I can, especially if Virginia Leishman continues to narrate. She has a lovely voice and is perfect for the voice of Beatrix and all of the characters.
Five English countryside beans.....

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