22 April 2010

CITY OF BONES: THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Book One - Cassandra Clare, narr Ari Granor

From the back of the BOT: Fifteen-year-old Clary Fray is looking forward to having a good time with her friend Simon at the Pandemonium Club in New York City. But what she witnesses through the dazzling lights and pulsing beats will change her life forever.
While dancing, Clary's eyes fix on a beautiful woman in an elegant white dress luring a young man into a private area of the club. Following them, Clary sees two strange, knife-wielding men brutallykill him. And when the victim vanishes into thin air, she is shocked. Intrigued by these mysterious beings, Clary begins a journey that draws her into a word filled with vampires, werewolves and the Shadowhunters--a group of warriors attempting to eradicate the legions of evil demons infesting the world.
CITY OF BONES is the exciting debut novel from Cassandra Clare and the beginning of her epic Mortal Instruments trilogy. Narrator Ari Graynor adds a dramatic tone to this dark tale of supernatural adventure.
This one grabbed me from the get-go. I love Urban Fantasy anyway and this is a great addition to the UF fam. There are demons out there and half humans like werewolves and vampires....and there are the Shadowhunters tasked to eradicate the world of the bad ones. Except that there are some Shadowhunters who think that all non-full human are bad and are out to clear them all out.
And then there's Clary who is thrown into the Shadowhunter/demon/vampire/werewolf/etc world and is not sure she wants to stay. But she meets a boy.....and her mom disappears...and her world gets turned completely upside down.
There's fierce fighting, jealousy, small bits of happiness, surprise, friendship, love, all that comes with a well told story.
My favorite character was Simon who takes everything with a grain of paranormal salt and rolls with the flow. He absolutely loves Clary and will do anything for her, but he is not a sap.
Five shadowy beans......

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