30 April 2010

BIG RED TEQUILA: Tres Navarre #1 - Rick Riordan, narr Tom Stechschulte

From the back of the BOT: Winner of the Shamus and Anthony Awards

Edgar Award winner Rick Riordan captures San Antonio at its grittiest with his mysteries featuring Jackson "Tres" Navarre--unlicensed P.I., Tai Chi master, and imbiber of Big Red cream soda laced with tequila.

It's been a decade since his father was murdered, and Tres left town. But he's got an inch that can only be scratched by looking for answers. Returning to San Antonio with his enchilada-eating cat, he uncovers a conspiracy involving the Mafia and dirty politicians. It isn't long before Tres stirs up more than he can handle and finds himself the target of ill-willed bullets.

Riordan paints a memorable portrait of Texas in its many unique hues, while narrator Tom Stechschulte captures the characteristic flavor of the Lone Star state.
I was listening to THE LIGHTNING THIEF: Percy Jackson and the Olympians (my review) at the same time as part of this one. It's so amazing how talented an author can be to write two completely different genres and both of them be so highly enjoyable.
Tres Navarre is a well written character and, gosh, do I want to be his buddy. He's got a nice dry sense of humor, takes a hit and keeps on quippin', and has human foibles. And has an enchilada eating cat named Robert Johnson.
He comes back to town after ten years away in San Francisco after the shooting death of his father in their driveway. Ostensibly, he feels the need to solve the murder of his father, but he's there, also, to help his ex-girlfriend solve some problems with her business partner.
There are some possible ties to the Mafia and corrupt politicians. The possibility of all of this being tied with the murder of his father sucks Tres (and the reader...) in.
Five big ol' Texas beans....and maybe some bottles of Herradura...Tres' tequila of choice...

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