31 May 2008


This has to be one of the best books I have read in a very long while. I could say it's because of who it is about, a rock guitar god who DH admires greatly. I could be transferring. Whatever, the book is a story of a highly talented, troubled soul who was rated the second best guitarist in the history of rock only after Jimi Hendrix.
Duane was only 24 when he died 29 October 1971 when he and his Harley motorcycle collided with an unexpectedly stopped truck. In his short life he accomplished so much musically and with the people in his life. He was a natural leader, driven to excellence.
The book goes into possibly more detail than some people might want to know about each song played at any given venue, or how each song came into being, but to me it was a fascinating insight into the man and his bandmates lives and their music.
This book gets a highly emphatic five beans! Long live rock & roll!


____Maggie said...

This could be an extra credit book for the Southern Reading Challenge! :) I'm hosting a Southern Haiku Contest if you would like to play.

Vickie said...

Maggie: That's what I was going to do, extra credit. = )
I'll take a look at your new contest. Sounds fun.