20 May 2008


Thank goodness for long plane rides, I guess. Not fond of the cooped up feeling, but the ability to have some fairly uninterrupted reading time is nice.
I started and finished SHOOTING GALLERY in the first day or so of our trip to Big Stone Gap. A super easy breezy read of a cozy. I love this series because of the characters, the story, and the art history I learn while reading.
SHOOTING GALLERY is the second in the Art Lover's series and I have the third, BRUSH WITH DEATH, ready to go in the next few weeks.
Annie Kincaid is a reformed art forger. She is trying to build up her legitimate faux finishing business, but her past and the stolen art won't let her be. And then there are the dead bodies that keep turning up. Annie also has a seeming plethora of men after her for one reason or another. Mostly romantic, but can she trust their agendas??
A super read for anyone who likes well written cozy mysteries or anyone looking to dip their toes into the cozy arena.
Three beans..

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