07 May 2008


I like this series quite a bit. It's a cozy in that there is a mystery to solve by someone who is not necessarily the usual type to solve mysteries. Maggie, the main character in the series, has psychic abilities that she has, for the most part, suppressed. Some because of her upbringing, some because of the fear of loss of control and the unknown. She works with a group of friends who call themselves the N.I.G.H.T.S, Northeast Indiana Ghost Hunting & Tracking Society. They search out the spectral disturbances that have been occurring in their small town and help solve the mysteries.
This mystery begins with the vandalism that has been rampant lately and includes a murder of a local Amish man.
There are side stories of a ghost in the library and the trying to bud romance of Maggie and Tom, a local cop.
This is a good cozy series with a nice paranormal bend to it. I give it four beans.

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