08 March 2008

PACIFIC VORTEX - Clive Cussler

Reading Clive Cussler, especially this first Dirk Pitt, is like watching a really good Johnny Quest show. There's a mysterious message canister found in the ocean, an exotic woman, work with the US Navy looking for a missing nuclean submarine, evil frogmen.....This is a good thrill ride, action beyond belief, last minute reprieves of death. Makes me tired, but a good kind of tired.
This is only my second Clive Cussler, third if you count watching Sahara many times. I'll read more later, some time in my life. Need a vacation from the thrill ride, something mellow....maybe a vamp or werewolf book......

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Framed said...

I've only read one Cussler and it was set in the Wild West. It was fun though a bit hammy. I plan to read more of his books in the future.