09 March 2008


Now if you want a highly enjoyable mystery series, this is one of the best. I really like this one. I've read several and I think in order. They are a quick read and this one especially was. I started last night before bed and read more upon my early morning wake up thanks to that lovely thing called Daylight Savings Time (please note sarcasm). In this instance, it was a good thing. I woke, couldn't go back to sleep, decided it would be a fab time to get back to this super cozy mystery. It's a little grim, but not in a deep dark way. I love Abby Cooper's character. She is a person who has come to terms with her gift of being a psychic. It is her career. I like how Victoria Laurie explains how Abby gets her messages.
Another plus aspect in this particular book was the locale. Abby gets invited out to Denver CO to be a bridesmaid. I live here and like reading books set in the local area. Call me goofy....yeah, whatever.


Kristie said...

One of the main reasons why I love her books is because Abby lives in Royal Oak, MI which is where I live! I don't think it is weird at all!

Vickie said...

Kristie: *grin* Thanks!

Mary said...

Hi Goofy! I guess you can call me that, too. I love reading books set in an area I'm familiar with. (Horrid grammar, I know)

We were still in AZ when the clocks were set ahead so didn't notice a change. They don't ever change in AZ. So now my parents are on pdt instead of mdt. And I'm in the cdt zone. I'm hoping that using my brain this much will help keep me lucid in my aging years, LOL.

Vickie said...

Mary: I dangle the hell out of participles, welcome to the club!