12 March 2008

THE BALLAD OF FRANKIE SILVER: An Appalachian Ballad Mystery - Sharyn McCrumb

I highly recommend this book. I have enjoyed Sharyn McCrumb's work in the past, so much so that I have begun to collect her books for my keeper shelves. This one is second in being my favorite only to SHE WALKS THESE HILLS:An Appalachian Ballad Mystery. That one will remain my favorite, it was my introduction to this series and to Sharyn McCrumb.

Sharyn McCrumb gave an interview at the end of the audiobook, sharing with the listener her process of taking the ballads and legends from her upbringing and breathing them to life. Frankie Silver was a real person, she lived and died just as in the book. Sharyn places present day along with the past to show how things really haven't changed all that much even we'd like to think that we are more enlightened and evolved. We aren't.
Barbara Rosenblat shared narration with Jeff Woodman and both gave a superb performance.


BritGal' Sarah said...

Hey Vickie - remember you recommended I visit Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, well we are going to do it...LOL! Since I got here we have had no trips, due to wedding, house move, UK visitors etc. But tonight we decided to take a trip in June and that's where we will head to, so I am now off to research the area. If you know any great places to stay or things we must see, please email me further - and thank you :)

Vickie said...

Sarah: COOL!!! Oh man, that is a lovely lovely place to visit. I will email you with some places we like to see. I am so excited for you!!!

Joy said...

Vickie - You have this under "L" in the A~Z Challenge. You've titled it The Legend of Frankie Silver. Is there another book, just wrong link? Let me know. :)

Vickie said...