19 March 2008

DRAGON'S BREATH : Tales of the Frog Princess #2 - E D Baker

Cute as can be book in a really sweet, funny, magical series. I am not listening to them in order, only as RecordedBooks sends them out. I can keep up as they are short sweet books to listen to and very easy to follow.
Princess Emeralda is back in human form after being a frog in the first book and is in training to be a better witch. Emma finds herself helping her Aunt, the Green Witch, turn Haywood back to a human. Haywood is the Green Witch's long lost love, who had been turned into an otter many years ago by the Green Witch's mean mother.
Many adventures follow in the quest for all of the ingredients for the potion to make Haywood human again. Dragons, witches, wizards, seawitches, singing swords....all kinds of fun. Highly recommend for a fun fast read....or listen....

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