22 March 2008


Just this very second finished THE DEVIL'S FOOTSTEPS. I read this one like THE DOLLMAKER, practically in one sitting. I had one whole shift of not much going on and I took extreme advantage of the situation and read 98% of this dark thriller. I even tried to stay up and read it when I got home, but this book and just before sleep was not a good mix for me. Very mental image inducing, so I put it back in my purse for after sleep reading time. That time was just now.
FOOTSTEPS takes place in the South like DOLLMAKER did. A good setting for thrillers, I think. Certain areas in the South, especially Louisiana, lend a deep, dark, murky aura to suspense and thrillers. Magic, gators, cypress,'s all conjured when you read a book set in this area.

Sarah has had a time of it, trying to find her way in the world since her sister was murdered 14 years ago. Sarah has always loved being an artist and seeing the world for what it is and portraying it as such. Much to some folks discomfort. She became a tattoo artist and this expertise is what her ex, Sean, a cop, calls upon to help in a murder investigation. This event triggers memories long supressed in Sarah's subconcious. Can she go home again and continue this search for her past? Especially when Ashe Cain is still around. And what about the bells? And the Devil's footsteps?

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