03 March 2008


Books read in February:


CIRCLE OF QUILTERS - Jennifer Chiaverini, BOT, my favorite of the series (so far)

DEATH'S ACRE - Dr Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson, TPB, non-fic, very good book on how the Body Farm came to be

CITY OF MASKS - Daniel Hecht, TPB, WOW!

HOUNDING THE MOON - P R Frost, MPB, very good start to this series

THE NYMPHOS OF ROCKY FLATS - Mario Acevedo, TPB, very fun vamp book

STRIPPED - Brian Freeman, BOT, SUPER, more please!

STORM FRONT - Jim Butcher:Book One of Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, MPB, yowzah!

ONCE UPON A CURSE - E D Baker, BOT, cute

DROP SHOT - Harlen Coben, MPB, sigh...I love Myron....

Books - 7 Audio - 3 Total for the year - 21

I'd be hard pressed to choose the favorite of the month. Best title goes to NYMPHOS OF ROCKY FLATS. It would be a tie between THE DOLLMAKER - Amanda Stevens and STRIPPED - Brian Freeman. Both are new to me authors and both had well written gripping suspense. The one I am most proud of myself for reading of the two would be THE DOLLMAKER. I had to get over the cover. I have a dread fear of clowns and those lifelike, you take a look....

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