28 March 2008

THE MANGROVE COAST - Randy Wayne White

This was a rather uneven storytelling of a mystery suspense. I read a review that it was not one of the author's better efforts, so I will try at a later date to read another, perhaps first in the series.
The premise is very workable, Doc Ford is a marine biologist and used to work for the Company (guvment) back in the day. He is asked by a dead friend's daughter to rescue her mother from the clutches of a con artist. The story goes back and forth in past and present to tell the tale.
Saving grace of the whole audiobook was the narrator, Ron McLarty, has a marvelous faculty with voices. I especially was enamoured of the character Tomlinson, a friend of Doc Ford's. The character is portrayed as one half George Carlin and one half Tommy Chong and is 100% delightful. I have a crush on this character!
The ending is an amazing aspect of the whole book. It more than made up for the uneven beginning and middle.


Mary said...

Vickie, how did you get your local weather on your blog? I went to that website but i don't know how to transfer it to my blog. Thanks for any pointers!

Vickie said...

Mary: I saw this on someone else's site and thought it was cool. Click on the site, go down the page and along the left side on the sidebar is a section called 'Other', under that is 'Weather for Websites'. It guides you from there. Nice and easy cheesy!!

Mary said...

Thanks, Vickie. You're a peach!