04 March 2008


What a super fast read this was! Very entertaining, fun, intriguing, with two stories going at the same time. The main character, CeCe, is an author who writes books of mystery writers. This one is about Agatha Christie. The back story is the 11 days she went missing from her life and the public eye.
The present day story revolves around a planned community on the outskirts of LA. Said community is based on Agatha Christie's novels. Shades of the movie 'Chinatown' appear from time to time.
This was one of the ARCs I picked up from High Crimes last week. Cynthia saw me browsing the titles and told me they were free ARCs and to please help myself. I took her up on the invite.
I have read one other Susan Kandel, NOT A GIRL DETECTIVE (about the author/s of the Nancy Drew mystery series), and immediately put her other books in the series on my wishlist.
If you want a smart, funny, sassy cozy this series is for you. I especially like the cozies that teach me something. This one has a background of vintage clothing as much as the background of the mystery writers premiered in the books.


BritGal' Sarah said...

Sound good I will add it to my endless!

Vickie said...

Sarah: My list is never-ending as well. It's cute.