04 July 2007

Another Challenge Book Finished, Another one Started

I finished Carved in Bone Jefferson Bass (Jon Jefferson and Dr Bill Bass) last night on shift. It was SUPER!!!! I am already listing Flesh and Bone, next in the series, when it comes out in pbk and Death's Acre, a nonfiction by the authors.
From the Publisher:
Dr. Bill Bass, one of the world's leading forensic anthropologists, gained international attention when he built a forensic lab like no other: The Body Farm. Now, this master scientist unlocks the gates of his lab to reveal his most intriguing cases-and to revisit the Lindbergh kidnapping and murder, fifty years after the fact.
Author Biography: Dr. Bill Bass created the world's first and only laboratory devoted to the study of human decomposition: The Body Farm. Bass has written or co-written more than 200 scientific publications, many based on mysteries he helped solve. Jon Jefferson is a veteran journalist, science writer, and documentary filmmaker. His productions have been broadcast on such networks as The History Channel, A&E, and the National Geographic Channel, and his articles have appeared in the New York Times, Newsweek, and USA Today.

I gotta tell ya, I cannot wait to find Death's Acre. I so would not be a good forensic pathologist (ick threshold is pretty low), but I love to read about them and the work that they do.

I began a book recommended on RBL Summer Mystery Reading Challenge, Deadly Advice Roberta Isleib. It is very good starting out. It was given me by a fellow mystery buddy at work. I was glad to see it so soon after adding it to my wishlist. We trade books, she is mostly cozies, so she doesn't dig all of what I read. Those tend to go to my sister once I am finished or to my favorite mystery bookstore, High Crimes, for discount points.
I should finish Deadly Advice this evening on shift as long as it stays quiet. I will finish my car book, City of Bones Michael Connelly on my way home in the morning. It's my first Connelly book and very definitely won't be my last.

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Joy said...

Sounds's going on the list. :) Thanks.