30 July 2007

Just now ended The Halo Effect MJ Rose and it was just so-so. It was an up and down kind of ride, mostly well written. I knew whodunnit almost from the very meeting of the bad guy. I don't like when that happens. That this was mostly well-written is making me give MJ Rose another chance. I will read The Delilah Complex. I know I would not be a good therapist, sex as Dr Morgan Snow is or otherwise, I'd never be able to distance myself from the patient. I'd be more likely to pop some of them upside the cranium. See? Not very compassionate.


Kristie said...

I give you credit. I didn't figure out the whodunit right away. I enjoy her books though I know I sometimes am not as thrilled with the book if I figure it out early.

Vickie said...

Kristi: I guess it wasn't immediately upon meeting the bad guy, but pretty soon after. I want to read more of her books, just hope to be more surprised in the next ones.