18 July 2007

Finished a Hottie MJD!!!

While on our trip, I was able to start and finish Dead and Loving It MaryJanice Davidson. It took about two days to read. All paranormal hottie sex (whispering). YOWZAH!!! I could have read it in one sitting if allowed, but I had to pay attention to my DH and Lady K from time to time. We went to a very nifty botanic garden in Steamboat Springs, went up in our first gondola up the side of a ski mountain. I am fairly sure DH has been up many of them, but it was the first for Lady K and myself. We hiked up a nice trail to see a pretty magnificent waterfall. Went fishing, but only succeeded in drowning a few worms. But it was all fun. I brought home driftwood and rocks as my souvenirs from our hikes.

I will get back to Bubbles Betrothed Sarah Strohmeyer in the morning on my get back to reality drive to work. sigh....I have I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason Susan Kandel in my purse. I started it after MJD paranormal frolic. I think I will read Seduced by Moonlight Laurell K Hamilton as my next bedside book. Talk about your paranormal frolics!! This is from her Meredith Gentry series.

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