21 February 2010

TEN THOUSAND ISLANDS: #7 Doc Ford - Randy Wayne White, narr Ron McLarty

From the back of the audiobook: Author of best-selling mysteries including MANGROVE COAST, Randy Wayne White sets his novels in the Florida waters he knows so well---he is a veteran fishing guide and contributor to Outside magazine. TEN THOUSAND ISLANDS is the seventh in the Doc Ford series.
Fifteen years ago, a teenage girl found an ancient gold medallion on a small island off the Florida gulf coast. Soon she was having nightmares and alter was found hanging from a tree. Although the death was ruled a suicide, the girl's mother, Della, is now sure there was foul play. Her trailer was vandalized and her daughter's coffin raided. When Della comes to Doc for help, the mysterious gold medallion plunges the Florida marine biologist into a perilous search for answers.
Filled with suspense and highly charged atmosphere, TEN THOUSAND ISLANDS received rave reviews from critics. Ron McLarty's dramatic narration highlights its gripping mixture of ancient ritual and modern evil.
Each book from this series is a different adventure, which I'm sure is what Randy Wayne White is shooting for. It makes each one a stand-alone even if it is a series...some start out slowly and build up to high tempo and others start off with a big bang and keep it going. This is one of those big bang start and kept on banging at the cranium.
In among the action is the first time Doc Ford has some leftover fish baked up by Tomlinson and Tomlinson used his creative side to add some 'shrooms...the magic kind....and Ford has himself a little unplanned 'trip'. Tomlinson assures him that he is there for the duration to help him through the journey. This was a superb break in the thrill mode.
I think Ron McLarty is my favorite of the narrators for this series. He gives my favorite character, Tomlinson, the best voice. Kind of a stoner dude hippie feller and I love him so.
Four stoner 'shroom action in the middle beans.....


Ruthann said...

I haven't heard of this author before. Thanks for the recommendation, I now have his first book in this series coming to me from pbs. :)

Vickie said...

Ruthann: I really like this series. Hope you do, too. Tomlinson cracks me up and is my favorite character.