25 February 2010

BELLE RUIN: Emma Graham #3 - Martha Grimes

From the back of the BOCD: When twelve-year-old Emma Graham, a waitress at her mother's decaying resort hotel and now the youngest cub reporter in the history of La Porte's Conservative newspaper, discovers the crumbling shell of a fabulous hotel hidden in the woods near her small town of Spirit Lake, she never imagines that the mysteries it holds will bring her one step closer to solving a forty-year-old crime---and force a new transgression to light. The sumptuous Belle Rouen, with its ornate public rooms, two golf courses, and grand ballroom, was the place to be each Saturday night until it burned to the ground before Emma's birth. With a collection of singular characters helping her along, Emma is determined to discover the buried family secrets that lie just beyond the tree line in Cold Flat Junction, "where all mysteries" says Emma, "being and end."
Highlighting Martha Grimes's extraordinary range and depth, BELLE RUIN is a fitting follow up to the acclaimed HOTEL PARADISE and COLD FLAT JUNCTION that will continue to enchant readers who avidly follow the adventures of intuitive, calculating, and irrepressible Emma Graham.
One of my favorite books in the world is HOTEL PARADISE. It was the reason I started collecting Martha Grimes's books, her Richard Jury series, Emma Graham series and her stand alones. I will read BELLE RUIN as a handheld to get more from the story and do a new review afterward. I know the bean count will go up then. Not crazy about the narrator and I listened to this at work, so didn't get as much from the story as I would have liked. I also think I will read COLD FLAT JUNCTION before I read this one again. That might help fill in some gaps.
Until then,
Four Emma is one plucky 12 year old youngun'.....


Mary said...

I don't think I've read any of Martha Grimes' novels. I'll look for one!

Becky LeJeune said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I wanted to read this when it was released and then realized it as a sort of sequel to a book we didn't have in stock. Somehow, I put off ordering it long enough to kind of forget about these. Thanks for reminding me!

Vickie said...

Mary: I think you would like any of her books, especially this trilogy. I absolutely love the Richard Jury series. They are almost cozy mystery in feel even though Jury is Scotland Yard dude.

Becky: You are welcome. = )