18 February 2010

THE QUIET GAME - Greg Iles, narr Tom Stechschulte

From the back of the audibook: Passion and racial tension seethe through the pages of this multi-layered thriller set in the South. New York Times best-selling author Greg Iles creates a compelling tale of a young lawyer determined to find justice--no matter what the cost.
Houston prosecutor Penn Cage returns to his childhood home in Natchez, Mississippi after his wife's death. Instead of finding peace, he discovers his father beaten down by a ruthless blackmailer and himself the target of a nameless killer. As Penn struggles to save his family, he uncovers shocking information about a decades-old murder steeped in racism.
In a desperate attempt to right a terrible wrong, Penn must face off with formidable foes: the FBI, a powerful judge, and a town filled with people who play "the quiet game." Tom Stechschulte's dramatic performance captures all the intrigue, danger, and breathtaking action.
WOW! That's the first thing to say about this absolutely gripping suspense/thriller novel. Penn Cage is a very popular author of legal thrillers after being a successful prosecuting attorney in Texas. He has come home to his hometown in Mississippi to help himself and his 4 year old daughter, Annie, move on after the death of Sarah, Penn's wife and Annie's mother.
What he finds is his father under a shroud of blackmail and a 30 year old unsolved murder case that possibly involves the father of Penn's high school flame. This man, a wealthy and powerful judge, is a big deal in the city of Natchez, heck in the state of Mississippi and is virtually untouchable. But Penn feels compelled to solve this case and bring justice and closure to the family of the murdered man and possibly closure and justice to Penn's own family.
Each turn of the page (or new audiotape) brings a new layer to the crime, interweaving more lies and cover-ups from the past.
It's my first Greg Iles and it is definitely not going to be my last. I have a few MPBs by Greg Iles and they are going to make it to the top of the stack very soon. I will listen to more of these as I find them on RecordedBooks. These are the kind of audiobooks that make me want to sit in the parking lot or the driveway to find out what is going to happen. It is that tense and suspenseful.
Five Southern, steamy, dark suspense at its best beans....


Danna said...

Hi Vickie,

I am loving all of your reviews!
Where do you get all of your audiobooks? It looks like you have a tremendous selection!

Vickie said...

Danna: Thank you! I get most of my audiobooks from RecordedBooks. I have a subscription like NetFlix and almost always have 3-8 audiobooks on hand. Perfect for my commute and now for work.

Kristie said...

I just finished reading and reviewing this book and loved it too. I am glad to see you liked it as much as I did. Mr. Iles is a wonderful author and I look forward to more of your reviews!

Vickie said...

Kristie: Thank you for visiting. I have more Greg Iles books to read and listen to. I can't wait. I look forward to seeing your reviews.

Danna said...

Vickie, I did not know that RecordedBooks had a deal like Netflix. Live and Learn...