07 February 2010

BLOOD LURE - Nevada Barr #9 Anna Pigeon, narr Barbara Rosenblat

From the back of the BOCD: The Anna Pigeon mysteries are a New York Times best-selling series. Each addition is eagerly anticipated by fans of its award-winning author Nevada Barr, who uses her experience as a park ranger to create stunningly authentic details. BLOOD LURE takes Park Ranger Anna Pigeon high into Glacier Park and deep into a grisly murder case.
Anna has joined a bear research team in the vast park that spreads from Montana into Canada. They hope to gather enough information to form a picture of its Grizzly bear population. Instead, one terrifying night, a bear finds them. By morning, their camp in ruins, and the youngest member of the team is missing. A few hours later, the body of a camper is discovered: the neck broken and the face mutilated.
As Anna sets out to find what, or who, is responsible for the carnage, her search will stretch all her resources--physical, mental and moral--to new limits. Audie Award-winning narrator Barbara Rosenblat's voice is perfect for Anna, capturing all her courage and vulnerability.
I was very glad to get back to the Anna Pigeon in the woods. She does a much a better story when she's in the Nation's parks wherever they (and she) are. Nevada Barr seems much more comfortable when Anna is hiking trails, fighting gators, or bears or critters of whatever nature and looking after the tourists who are visiting.
The mystery was a teensy bit convoluted, but that may have had something to do with the fact that I was trying to listen to the story at work and everyone around me was in a highly jovial mood and getting loud, so I might have missed some bits and pieces. I will take a break from the series now. I've had two in a short period of time and I rarely read or listen to books in a series back to back. I do like to mix it up.
Four there's bars in them thar woods beans.....

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