13 February 2010

THE ECHO - Minette Walters, narr Simon Prebble

From the back of the BOCD: Best-selling author Minette Walters captivates mystery aficionados throughout the world with her evocative, multi-layered novels, which have been translated into 22 languages. In THE ECHO she spins a finely-wrought web of secrets and betrayals, love and guilt that entangles everyone who touches it.
A homeless man has been found dead of starvation--huddled next to a food-filled freezer--in a London socialite's garage. When journalist Michael Deacon interviews the wealthy woman, he suspects she is hiding something. His search for answers leads him on a perilous journey through unsolved crimes of the past and the shadowy world of London's down and out.
Edgar Award-winning Minette Walters grips her readers' emotions with her ever-heightening psychological suspense. British actor Simon Prebble's dramatic performance will keep you enthralled throughout the sinuous plot and the shattering finish.
The first part of the story was a little bit tangled up for me, the end of the story was a little bit tangled up for me, but the middle part was superb and made up for the tangles on either end.
You have to like British dark suspense with all that that entails of everything having hidden meaning and no one is who they appear to be at any given time. I know I love watching these on BBC America, with all of the visual cues and atmosphere.
My sister's been on me to read Minette's books, so this was the way I chose to do the first one. I'll read more and listen to more.
Four British atmospheric suspenseful beans......


Ruthann said...

I recommend The Chameleon's Shadow and The Devil's Feather. Those have been my two favorite so far by Walters. I really enjoyed them.

Vickie said...

Thank you, Ruthann. I have THE DEVIL'S FEATHER on Mt Git'r'Read and will look for the other.