11 December 2009

November Book Journal

I completely forgot to post November's books! I could have sworn I did, but it's that time of year where things fall through those dadgum cracks.
November was definitely a busy month, but managed 8 books somehow.
BLOODY AWFUL - Georgia Evans, MPB, superb!! Even better than the first in the trilogy
CUT & RUN - Jeff Abbott, BOCD, excellent
VICIOUS CIRCLE - Mike Carey, MPB, #2 Felix Castor and highly excellent
HOLIDAY GRIND - Cleo Coyle, ARC (SIGNED), Best yet!!!
SKIN DEEP: A Bodybags Mystery - Christopher Golden, BOT, phhhhhhhht
DESOLATE ANGEL - Chaz McGee, MPB, well done!
OVER MY DEAD BODY - Michele Bardsley, MPB, signed keeper, fun
A DILLY OF A DEATH - Susan Wittig Albert, MPB, super! Love this series
Books: 6
Audio: 2
Month total: 8
Year so far: 111


Mary said...

Nice list. I'm still waiting for the library to call and say that Holiday Grind is in. I thought I'd hear this week but nothing! I'm really looking forward to it after seeing you think it's the best yet.

Vickie said...

Mary: It is the best of the series. Let me know if you don't hear from the library. I loaned my copy to a friend on WW Booktalk and can loan it out to you when she sends it back if you like.