03 December 2009

DEATH'S HALF ACRE: A Deborah Knott Mystery - Margaret Maron, narr C J Critt

From the back of the BOCD: Margaret Maron's Judge Deborah Knott mysteries set in rural North Carolina are cherished by discerning readers who value authentic characters and intriguing plots. The 14th addition to this award-winning series, DEATH'S HALF ACRE finds suburban sprawl creeping across the land unchecked, while small town farmers fight back however they can.
Behind closed doors , county commissioners are colluding with major developers who make a killing plastering the land with chintzy McMansions. After a string of lucrative deals hits the books, leaving a number of farmers in the lurch, someone close to the action winds up killed. The murder pulls Deborah Knott and Sheriff Bryant smack into the middle of the escalating conflict. Before long, a hidden truth lurking just beneath the surface may cast the entire situation in a different light.
Acclaimed narrator C J Critt voices the sharp-witted veteran judge to perfection.
The beauty of this series is that it is more than the mystery at hand. The background of the characters of Deborah, her husband Dwight, her 11 brothers and their wives and kids and especially her father, Kezzie Knott, former bootlegger. He is quite possibly my favorite character in the books. He is the patriarch and well respected in the county despite his background. He's intelligent and rather crafty and explains his thoughts, when he is willing to share, wonderfully. I would love to spend time with Kezzie Knott.
This is another of my favorite series. Even after 14 forays into Colleton County, I admire each visit. Some series, (a lot of series) can get tired after so many books in, but not this one.
Five southern beans....

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