27 December 2009

Holiday Challenge 2009 Wrap-Up

Here's my wrap up for the Neely's 2009 Holiday Reading Challenge:
UNDEAD & UNRETURNABLE - MaryJanice Davidson, HB, chick-lit paranormal holiday
LET THERE BE SUSPECTS - Emilie Richards, MPB, cozy holiday mystery
A CHRISTMAS SECRET - Anne Perry, HB, mellow holiday Victorian mystery
JERUSALEM INN: A Richard Jury Mystery - Martha Grimes, MPB, British holiday mystery
LEGACY: An Anna Strong Mystery - Jeanne C Stein, MPB, paranormal holiday mystery
SILENT NIGHT, HAUNTED NIGHT: A Nicki Styx Mystery - Terri Garey, MPB, paranormal holiday mystery


Mary said...

Nice job on the Challenge, Vickie. I read 5 books (in a relatively short time) and kind of od'd on them, lol. I'll be ready to read more next Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Vickie said...

Mary: I'm the same with the holiday challenges. I learned that I have to be really particular or I'll get a sugar buzz. *grin*

Joy said...

Great list, hope you have a Happy 2010!