19 December 2009


From the back of the book: Now that a chalk outline no longer marks their front porch, Aggie Sloan-Wilcox and her minister husband can turn their attention back to the living...
'Tis the season in bucolic Emerald Springs, Ohio. As a gift to her daughters, Aggie's mom has invited their former foster sister, Ginger, to join their Christmas reunion. A potential candidate for Sociopaths Anonymous, Ginger could make Aggie nostalgic for the chalk line. When Ginger turns up deader than a drumstick, Aggie's sister is the logical suspect because she always resented her mother's attachment to Ginger. Aggie knows her sister is incapable of murder. But that won't convince the police. Now, Aggie has to find the murderer---someone who has decided there's a loophole in thou shalt not kill.
Ahhhh...another new-to-me cozy series that I have fallen in love with. I do like when this happens. It's well written with excellent dialogue and characters. Agate (Aggie) is the main character and mystery solver in this series and is a hoot. She is the mother of two nifty daughters (one who is currently doubting the existence of angels), wife to a very patient minister and daughter to a lovely kooky mother, Junie, who is a nomad at heart and who loves all in her sphere of existence, whether deserving of it or not. I think she might be my favorite..she is someone I would love to aspire to, but I think I am more like Aggie, nosey and smartass.
I plan on looking for the rest of this series, starting with the beginning. It looks like Aggie might be trying her hand at different career choices. First book had her working in a mystery bookstore, this one has her and her friend Lucy rehabbing houses and flipping them for sale. I am curious to see what she will try next, but I hope she keeps with this one for a bit.
Four bucolic holiday beans.....


Mary said...

Sounds like a fun series. I'll add it to my list : )

Sherri said...

I've read Emilie Richards before but not a cozy mystery book! Didn't know she wrote any! Thanks for the heads up on that!

Vickie said...

Mary: This looks to be a superb series if this one is anything to go by. I look forward to reading more.

Sherri: I have to look for more of this author.