11 December 2009

THE MEDIATOR: TWILIGHT - Meg Cabot, narr Johanna Parker

From the back of the BOCD: Suze Simon finds it difficult to come across as an average teenager when she's constantly visited by ghosts. Suze is a mediator, you see. And her boyfriend Jesse is, well, a ghost himself--from the 19th century!
Fellow mediator Paul Slater has figured out how to travel through time and alter Jesse's future so he and Suze will never meet, leaving Suze in a conundrum. Does she let Paul succeed so Jesse lives an ordinary life in his own time period, leaving Suze with no memory of him? Or does she stop Paul and force Jesse to be a ghost forever? And all the while, Suze must cope with the perils of a normal teenage life.
Number one New York Times best-selling author Meg Cabot delivers a quirky depiction of the normal and exaggerated hazards all teenagers face in this sixth installment of the Mediator series. Young adult listeners will identify with Suze through the exuberant narration of Johanna Parker.
Poor Suze, she never seems to catch a break. She loves Jesse, her ghost boyfriend, but since he's from the 19th century, he's very proper and she wonders if they will ever get past whatever base is past hot kissing. And there's Paul, the fellow mediator, who Suze is alternately drawn to and repelled by. He's just bad incarnate, using his mediator abilities for his selfish means.
What I like best about this series is how normal Suze is in being a teenager with the added *agh* factor of having ghosts around her all the time. And some of those ghosts aren't very nice. Suze wants to go to the dance, wear cool clothes and be on time for dinner so her stepdad won't get disappointed.
I do enjoy Meg Cabot's ability to write in her various series. I know I would be highly disappointed should I ever find out she has a team of writers as I found other authors do.

Four Please don't let me be disappointed beans.....

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