29 November 2009

OVER MY DEAD BODY - Michele Bardsley

From the back of the book: Reality truly does bite.
With my ex-husband out of my life after attempting murder (on me!), and my little daughter, Glory, having not uttered a word since that awful night, Broken Heart, Oklahoma, seems like the perfect sanctuary for us. And I, Simone Sweet, am ready to start a new life. I just didn't figure it would be an eternal one.
But then local hunk Braddock Hayes turns my undead world upside down. He's the only one who sees me as I really am, and let me tell you, he makes my fangs quiver. But if he finds out the truth about my past, it would just about kill me (if I weren't already dead, that is). Luckily, no one knows better than me that things aren't always as they appear.
I typically shy away from pararnormal romance since it is all about the romance bordering on erotica, which I don't mind since I am by no stretch of the imagination a prude, but I like my paranormal action on the streets not in the sheets. But this series pushes other buttons with a good story for each of the women who were bitten in the town of Broken Heart, Oklahoma and the street action that accompanies the sheet action. There's some grit to appease my requirements, humor in the dialogue, and well drawn characters.
I was first pulled to the series by the titles. I am a sucker for a fab title. The story sold me and I will keep reading the series as long as Michele keeps writing them.
Four not so dead body beans....

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