21 November 2009

CUT & RUN: Judge Whit Mosley #3 - Jeff Abbott, narr L J Ganser

From the back of the BOCD: Edgar Award winning nominee Jeff Abbott has been praised for his "exciting , shrewd, and beautifully crafted" (Chicago Tribune) thrillers that "will keep reader guessing" (Publishers Weekly). Now the national best-selling author of BLACK JACK POINT delivers an electrifying story of a decent man pitted against the criminal underworld.
When Judge Whit Mosley sets out to find the mother who abandoned him 30 years before, he discovers that a gang of vicious killers thinks she's made off with their loot. Trapped in a web of violence, Whit's only way out is to track down the missing money before his short-lived family reunion is brought to a bloody end.
CUT AND RUN is a relentless thrill ride filled with stunning plot twists. Through L J Ganser's narration, this tale of family and forgiveness, blood and betrayal will have every listener spellbound.
I do love this series and this one is a humdingah, but I got exhausted trying to keep up with all of the twists and turns. I needed a scorecard to keep track of the players and intrigue and that's hard to do when you are listening to the book on your drive into work. Ah well....
Each book, so far, is dark and sucks the reader right into the depths. There are some funny parts that I look forward to, there are characters I look forward to listening to, especially when Whit and Gooch get together.
I went right along with Whit and his desire to find his mother. He thought it would help his dying father find peace in his last days. I could empathize with how he looked for something he thought he needed to find.
His mother is a piece of work that I alternated between admiring and wanting to smack down. She did what she needed to to survive, but I did not like how she left her husband and six children to begin this survival.
There were some very grey areas of the good and bad that I had to work at to accept. A very good story and I look forward to the rest of the series.
Four grey area beans....

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