19 December 2008

A TEST OF WILLS - Charles Todd

I picked this book up from Our Lady of the Books Pamala, it may have been a freebie in one of my hewgah orders. I read it for the A-Z Challenge or it might have stayed on the shelf for a while longer. And I would have missed a fab read.

It's 1919, after War to End All Wars has ended. There is still a lot of healing to attend to, that seems to be a focus of the book along with the superior mystery of who killed Colonel Harris on his land while out riding.

Scotland Yard is requested by the local village constabulary and Inspector Ian Rutledge is sent to Warwickshire. The main suspect is a decorated war hero and a friend to the Royal Family, creating a political nightmare of a case.

Inspector Rutledge is just returned from the war and has been diagnosed shell-shocked. He has a little voice in his cranium, Hamish, the young Scot in his command he had executed because he refused to fight. Now he hears Hamish in his mind. He has to keep his mind focused on the complicated case and keep his wits about him or go mad.

Four harrowing beans.... and the book's bookmark....

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